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    Unidas Latinas is an organization dedicated to help and give resources to those woman in need.

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    As an organization, our top priority is to inform and help but we can't do that without your help.

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    Thousands of Immigrant women don't have the proper education. They don't know their own rights. In Unidas Latinas, we provide those women with information that would help them to succeed.


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    Our main goal is to make every single woman out there be their true self.

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    Unidas Latinas was created by a young woman that knew the struggle of how hard it is for immigrant women to find help. We want to make an impact by providing information and educating every single person out there. Just by raising our voices, we are helping thousands of young adult women in need.

    As of today, there are many struggles that women are facing some of them being: woman's rights, abortion, birth control, mental health, and many others. In unidas Latinas we want to create a safe place where you and other women belong.

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    Unidas Latinas fue creada por una joven que conoce difícil que es para las mujeres inmigrantes encontrar ayuda y informarse sobre sus derechos. Queremos tener un impacto proporcionando información y educando a cada persona. Con solo alzar nuestras voces, estamos ayudando a miles de mujeres que necesitan la ayuda y el apoyo.

    Incluso con tanta libertad que hemos conseguido a través de los años aun, hay muchos problemas que enfrentan las mujeres, algunas de esos problemas son: los derechos de la mujer, el aborto, el control de la natalidad, la salud mental y muchas otras. En unidas Latinas queremos crear un lugar seguro donde usted y otras mujeres pertenezcan.

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